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Articles, Tutorials, and Gear Reviews

Review: Kamerar VF4+, a $150 LCD Viewfinder
It's priced right, it's built well, and has a large complement of features and adjustments
Pond5 Launches a Free Public Domain section. This is HUGE
If you're a documentarian, or otherwise rely on older/public domain source materiel, Pond5 just did you a huge favor
CES 2015 4k camera announcements
The 4k flood doors have opened. Look here for the list of cameras
News: Two ultra-wide & Fast lenses to watch out for: 11-20mm & 15-30mm F2.8
They're wide, and they're fast, and my wallet is in severe danger
A Sub-$100 Mini Teleprompter? Yep, another kickstarter
The Parrot attaches to the front of your lens, and uses a smartphone to display your text.

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