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Articles, Tutorials, and Gear Reviews

Gopro Hero4 series announced - More flavors, more powers
Gopro is at it again with amping up its line of mighty little action cameras
The Panasonic GH4 review - 4k for 1.8K
If you're in the market for a low budget 4k DSLR, this camera is on a very short list
Another BMC price drop: $500 off 4k camera
For a limited time, get a nice chunk off of the production 4k camera
The power of the Actor: Choosing the right talent is critical for your film's success.
Let's talk about how you really need to take the casting of your film a LOT more seriously.
How to use Camera Raw to grade video in Adobe CC
Giulio Calisse shares a great new function in CC: The ability to use camera raw for video files!

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