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Articles, Tutorials, and Gear Reviews

Sony FS5: A little brother to the FS7 that packs a lot of the same punch
Sitting between the fs700 and the FS7, the FS5 is by far the smallest and lightest, but with its own tradeoffs
GX8 Now Shipping: A 4K brother to the GH4
A chunk less in price, and some new features make this an interesting choice over the GH4
First flights with the XIRO Xplorer Drone Quadcopter w/ 3 Axis GoPro Gimbal
Another drone, another set of wings to fly with! This market newcommenr just might make an aerial splash
Kipon EF to M43 adapter with Autofocus Review: A Total Bust
I had high hopes for this product, unfortunately mine does not work, and the manufacturer is unresponsive
Aries Blackbird X10: A $700 drone with a built in 1080p camera. Reviewed!
Drones are all the rage, the blackbird X10 steps in with some nice features, but significant considerations.

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